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Saorsat Service

From October 2012 SAORVIEW was accessible to 98% of the Irish population. Due to topography it is not possible for the SAORVIEW service to reach 100% of population and approximately 2% of the population will not be able to receive the SAORVIEW service.

The SAORSAT service will carry all of the RTÉ Television and Radio channels, making the RTÉ public service television and radio services available in some parts of the country, on a free-to-air basis, for the first time ever. Other channels may become available if they choose to be carried on the service, subject to appropriate carriage agreements being in place. However, it is unlikely that the SAORSAT service will carry as many channels as SAORVIEW and for that reason, wherever possible SAORVIEW should be the preferred option.

What is Saorsat?

Saorsat is a new Satellite TV system for Ireland. It will work in conjunction with it's terrestrial counterpart called Saorview. Saorsat will be broadcast via satellite and is primarily for reception by the approximate 5% of the population that cannot receive Saorview via an aerial. Because of this 5% RTE must, as a public service broadcaster offer their service to 100% of the population, so that is why we have Saorsat. It is basically more cost efficient for them to broadcast to the remaining 5% over satellite than erect terrestrial transmitters for the people who can't get Saorview.

Can everyone in Ireland get Saorsat?

Every one in Ireland will be able to receive Saorsat. It will have a very tight footprint over Ireland and basically everyone here will be able to receive it. In fact, it will have a better coverage than it's terrestrial version but should have the same content and channels eventually.

What equipment do I need to get Saorsat?

We recommend an 80cm Satellite Dish and a special type of LNB also (KA Band LNB). You will also need a DVB-S2 HD Satellite Receiver or Saorsat Compatible TV. In the very North of Donegal and the South West of Ireland, it is recommended that you use a 110cm satellite dish.